SEO and IPA – Where should I be sharing my blog posts?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -What is Triberr, and how does it work? -What is niche based social marketing? -What is a good use of Reddit? -Why are infographics popular? -What is Buzzsumo, and how does it work? Dan’s Beer: Milk Stout Nitro from the Left Hand Brewing Company Patti’s Beer: Ryebeeria […]

SEO and IPAs – Does social media help your SEO?

This week, Dan and Patti talked about: -Does social media help your SEO? -Does saying “thanks” help your rank? -Does tweeting give your competitors a beating? -Does YouTubing improve what your website is doing? -Does Facebook tell them, “take a look”?   Dan’s Beer: Old Brown Dog Ale Patti’s Beer: SBC HopFive IPA […]

SEO and IPA – How do I double my social media traffic?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -Why should I have a posting schedule? -Why should I repost the same link again and again? -What tools can I use to schedule auto posts? -Is social media important to get my brand out there? -Is a calendar useful for task based things?   Dan’s Beer (Wine?): […]

SEO and IPA – What are the modern SEO myths?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -What are the SEO myths that we all believe in? -Why should I guest blog? -Does me participation in social media drive traffic? -Does my authorship affect my rank? -How does getting my face and name out there affect my clicks?   Dan’s Beer: Old Rasputin Russian Imperial […]

SEO & IPA – How do I use Content Marketing to promote my website?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -How do I use content marketing for my own site? -How do I get my content shared? -What content can I create and how do I share it? -Where is the best place to get answers? -Where do I find my target market?   Dan’s Beer: Old Rasputin […]

SEO and IPA-How to create a landing page that converts visitors into clients.

This week Dan and Patti talk about: -How do you make your landing page covert? -What is the importance of testing? -How do we set expectations for clients? -Short or long landing page? -What are the goals that you want, and the events that you want to happen on your landing page?   Dan and […]

SEO and IPA – What things do you need to know about managing your online reputation?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -How do I fix my online reputation? -The system doesn’t work in your favor. -How do I create a personal blog, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter handle that reflects me? -How should I respond to reviews? -How do I deal with plagiarism?   10 Things you need to know […]

SEO and IPA- How do I create content and not fail?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -Content creation and how not to fail at it -Finding out what your clients want -Creating a plan for content creation -Strategy for how content is used -What audience you want to attract -Keeping blogging fun and keeping strategy -Ten by Ten campaign Dan’s Beer Patti’s Beer […]

SEO and IPA – What is the best way to go about guest blogging?

This week with SEO and IPA, we talk all about guest blogging! What’s the best way to go about it, how will the new Google authorship affect guest bloggers, and how do you choose where to guest blog? And of course, the beer: Patti’s Ballast Point IPA – Dan’s 2X Steam from Southern Tier […]

guide to lazy social media marketing - how to automate your social media marketing

Social Media Marketing For Lazy Babies: How To Automate Your Marketing, Build Your Audience, and Be Super Lazy

I admit it: I am lazy. I know I am supposed to promote my business on social media, have a twitter account, interact with followers, blog, tweet the blog, retweet the tweet to my LinkedIn profile….and on, and on. I know these are the things that help to build your audience, connect you with more […]