SEO and IPA – How can I leverage email marketing to engage and drive sales?

This week, Dan and Patti talk about: Beer! How to balance email marketing with nurturing leads that have already come in When it comes to email lists, quality trumps quantity. Don’t fear the opt-out. How to make customers feel valued without being intrusive How to get customers to do your marketing Resources mentioned in this […]

SEO and IPA – How do I double my social media traffic?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -Why should I have a posting schedule? -Why should I repost the same link again and again? -What tools can I use to schedule auto posts? -Is social media important to get my brand out there? -Is a calendar useful for task based things?   Dan’s Beer (Wine?): […]

How To Set Up A Paid Subscription Email Newsletter For FREE – Using Zapier, Fancy Hands, Paypal, and Mailchimp

Recently I started a small paid subscription newsletter for my music company. It doesn’t make a lot of money, but it’s a great way for people to support what we do and get some added value. Unfortunately, the way I had it set up – simple subscriptions in Paypal – required a lot of maintenance […]