SEO and IPA- How to Rev Up Your Productivity?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: Noise – how to reduce noise to get more out of your work Motivators – how to motivate yourself if you are a solo-entrepreneur Calendar as a To Do List – scheduling to do’s on your calendar Take Charge of Your In Box – unsubscribe to those lists […]


Personalized Search, Relevancy or Privacy?

This week, we’re talking about the NSA, personalized search, and the future of privacy in the digital age. Also, beer! Notes and links mentioned in this week’s hangout: Southampton Double White Ale Article on Popularity Boost: Interview with Gabriel Weinberg, DuckDuckGo CEO:

SEO and IPA – How do I use Social Media in 2014?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: – How do I use the social media platform in 2014? – What is the importance of social media? – How many page views in the U.S. are on Facebook? – How do I drive traffic via social media? – How does Pinterest work for me? Dan’s Beer: […]

SEO and IPA-How to create a landing page that converts visitors into clients.

This week Dan and Patti talk about: -How do you make your landing page covert? -What is the importance of testing? -How do we set expectations for clients? -Short or long landing page? -What are the goals that you want, and the events that you want to happen on your landing page?   Dan and […]

How To Set Up A Paid Subscription Email Newsletter For FREE – Using Zapier, Fancy Hands, Paypal, and Mailchimp

Recently I started a small paid subscription newsletter for my music company. It doesn’t make a lot of money, but it’s a great way for people to support what we do and get some added value. Unfortunately, the way I had it set up – simple subscriptions in Paypal – required a lot of maintenance […]

SEO and IPA – What things do you need to know about managing your online reputation?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -How do I fix my online reputation? -The system doesn’t work in your favor. -How do I create a personal blog, LinkedIn profile, and Twitter handle that reflects me? -How should I respond to reviews? -How do I deal with plagiarism?   10 Things you need to know […]

I Want To Sell You Insurance…For Your Website. Really.

Let’s start this way: Do you own a car? Now, do you pay for insurance on that car? I’ll wager that the answer to both of these questions is “yes.” (If you’re currently driving around without insurance, please turn yourself in to your local authorities). Of course, most people who own a car would insure […]

SEO and IPA – Do PR Strategies improve your company’s SEO?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: – Finding the time to create projects that will bring in income. – What PR Strategies can improve your company’s Search engine optimization? – Is PR is similar to SEO? – PR talent is on the rise in the job market, are you prepared? – The importance of […]

guide to lazy social media marketing - how to automate your social media marketing

Social Media Marketing For Lazy Babies: How To Automate Your Marketing, Build Your Audience, and Be Super Lazy

I admit it: I am lazy. I know I am supposed to promote my business on social media, have a twitter account, interact with followers, blog, tweet the blog, retweet the tweet to my LinkedIn profile….and on, and on. I know these are the things that help to build your audience, connect you with more […]

SEO and IPA – How will Google’s Hummingbird update affect SEO professionals?

This week, Dan and Patti talked about: – What is the Hummingbird update and how does it function? – How will the Hummingbird update provide Google with more revenue and keep their technology competitive? – How does search encryption influence the availability of keyword data, and why is it important? – Ales! “Dogfish Head’s Punkin […]