Dan worked with me until I got what I wanted. This is after working with others who werent so attentive. This is not the first time I have worked with him either. In fact, this is the third project! That I keep coming back from more just tell you how good he is! – Dr. Michael Gazsi

When Dr. Michael Gazsi came to Two Friendly Nerds, he had no web presence at all. He got almost no leads online, and was killing himself trying to keep up with marketing his practice while also seeing patients. He wanted to expand his profit margins, work less, and see his family more – something I can definitely relate to!

We decided to take a multi-pronged approach: redesigning his website to effectively attract leads, using SEO to boost his Google rankings and bring more patients into the office, and creating a supplement sales system that would provide another line of income.

Using free tools like Google+ Local, we were able to immediately increase Dr. Gazsi’s online leads while we worked on longer-term projects, like his website redesign. Once the design was finished, and the website did a better job of capturing online leads, we moved on to designing an effective e-commerce platform.

Dr. Gazsi’s supplement site, Essential Naturals, not only allows him to automate the sale of supplements to his existing patients, it’s designed from the ground up to be an effective marketing tool to non-patients as well. Effective SEO practices and an attractive, easy-to-navigate site design mean that Dr. Gazsi makes increased profits from his supplement line, all without doing any active marketing at all.

What Our Clients Say

  • "Dan's friendly. Dan's smart. And that's why Dan gets results. He wants to know your business - where you want to go and what's been keeping you from getting there. Dan delivers. That's how he's built a solid network of trusted clients, colleagues and friends. He helps you develop an online marketing strategy - one that'll get you booked solid. Dan's your man. Check him out."

    Michael Port, New York Times Best-Selling Author of Book Yourself Solid

  • Dan is a great to to work with. He is a man of his word. If he tells you he is going to do something, he does it. In addition, he does excellent work. This is not the first time I have worked with him either. In fact, this is the third project! That I keep coming back from more just tell you how good he is!!

    Dr. Michael Gazsi, ND

  • Dan is much more than a web designer. He understands how a website and social media are fundamentally business and marketing tools, and designs with that in mind. If you want someone who provides individualized attention and creates an amazing website designed for YOU, work with Dan!

    Dr. Roberta Kline, MD

  • My business is very much a customer services business. Dan took the time to understand this fact and my business is better for it! My website generates more business and customer leads than my print advertising. I could not be more happy with the support I received and the final product that I was handed.

    Matthew Lefebvre, Middlesex Music Academy