SEO and IPAs – The Fun, Weekly Hangout About Inbound Marketing!

This Week, Dan and Patti talked about: Cost, Problems, Comparisons, Reviews, Best Services Topics Visitors aren’t finding Showing pictures of you and your team Telling Your passion story 3 Things to remove from your website  

SEO and IPA: What Are 7 SEO Tactics That Are Actually Dumb?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: Why is it dumb to have several websites? Why is it dumb to submit to Article Directories? Why is it dumb to rely on a Single Content Marketing Method? (And browsing the B2B Content Marketing Tactic Usage) Why is it dumb to put lots of tracking codes, scripts […]

SEO and IPA – Where should I be sharing my blog posts?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -What is Triberr, and how does it work? -What is niche based social marketing? -What is a good use of Reddit? -Why are infographics popular? -What is Buzzsumo, and how does it work? Dan’s Beer: Milk Stout Nitro from the Left Hand Brewing Company Patti’s Beer: Ryebeeria […]

SEO and IPA – Will Google’s Mobile-Friendly changes affect my business?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -What if my website is not mobile friendly? -Do I need a responsive design? -If my site is not mobile-friendly, will this impact my desktop rankings as well? -How can I be sure that my website meets the mobile requirements? -How do I know if my keywords are […]

SEO and IPA – What is your biggest challenge with Inbound Marketing?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: – Did you get the mass scale warnings to non-mobile friendly websites? – Do you keep up to date with webmaster how your websites are working? – Do you blog and what are the challenges with writing a blog? – What is your strategy when you create blog […]

SEO and IPA – What Essential SEO Skills Will I need to Master 2015?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -What trends do I need to be aware of in 2015? -How do I use personas to drive my marketing/SEO strategy? -How do I use competitive insights in my SEO? -Why is it important to track links back to Social Media? -How do I prove over time that […]

SEO AND IPA – What steps can I take to supercharge my SEO?

This week, Dan and Patti talked about: -What are some good practices in SEO? -Where do I start? -What kind of content should I create? -What is the hardest part of SEO? -Why is the local element important? Dan’s Beer: Widmer Brothers IPA Patti’s Beer: Stone Go To IPA This Weeks Article: SEO […]

SEO and IPAs – What are some myths around SEO?

This week, Dan and Patti talked about: – The Myth of Google’s 200 Ranking Factors ( – The truth about keyword density – How much should we trust Google? – Patti’s SEO superstitions – Best practices vs. hard rules Today, Patti was drinking Turtle Power Grapefruit Pale Ale from the Evil Genius Beer Company, and Dan […]

SEO and IPAs – What tools help automate your business and boost productivity?

This week Dan and Patti talked about: -Productivity -What cool tools do you use to keep productive, automate your business, and systematize your life? -How can we save tons of time and get more done? -How long can it take TO WRITE ANOTHER SEASON OF GAME OF THRONES, ANYWAY?! Dan’s Beer: Miles Davis Bitches Brew […]

SEO and IPAs -Is company blogging necessary?

This week, Dan and Patti talked about: – Is  company blogging necessary? -What should I focus on when blogging? -How effective are comments on the blog vs. people sharing? -How do I make my blog more interesting and bring in more comments?         Patti’s Beer- Good JuJu   Dan’s Beer- Hatch […]