SEOs and IPA – How should a button be designed?

This week, Dan and Patti talked about: – What words should be used when designing a button? – Whose point of view should you use when designing a button? – What colors should be used when designing a button? – How big should the button be? – What should you use to design your button? How […]

SEO and IPAs – Is WordPress Done For You Out of the Box?

This week, Dan and Patti talked about: – Is WordPress done for you out of the box? – What are good WordPress plugins? – What is WordPress good for? – Do you need an SEO consultant even if you’ve installed an SEO plugin? – What is the best way to install WordPress for SEO? 10 […]

SEO and IPAs – How Should I Approach Owned and Earned Media

This week, Dan and Patti talked about: – How should I approach owned and earned media? – What are the parts of content strategy? – What is the difference between owned and earned media? – What do you do with a piece of content after it’s created? – What questions should you ask yourself while you are […]

I Want To Sell You Insurance…For Your Website. Really.

Let’s start this way: Do you own a car? Now, do you pay for insurance on that car? I’ll wager that the answer to both of these questions is “yes.” (If you’re currently driving around without insurance, please turn yourself in to your local authorities). Of course, most people who own a car would insure […]

Tutorial: How To Use Free Link Data To Boost Your Google Rankings

Hey everyone! I’ve made a quick video tutorial to help answer this question: How do I increase my links and improve my Google ranking? The answer? Spy on your neighbors! Well..sort of. Check out the video!