This week Dan and Patti talked about:

  • Why is it dumb to have several websites?
  • Why is it dumb to submit to Article Directories?
  • Why is it dumb to rely on a Single Content Marketing Method? (And browsing the B2B Content Marketing Tactic Usage)
  • Why is it dumb to put lots of tracking codes, scripts or plug-ins on your Homepage? (Though, it’s not ENTIRELY dumb)
  • Why is it dumb to Optimize Anchors?
  • Why is it dumb to Link to all your websites in the footer with Sitewide links?
  • Why is it dumb to target the same group of people in your marketing efforts?

Dan’s Beer:
Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail

Patti’s Beer:
Milk Stout Nitro

This week’s article:
7 SEO Tactics That Sound Smart But Are Actually Dumb

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